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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pack It Up Backpack, So Fly Butterfly, Dashing Purple Scuba Hoodie, Pretty Plume High Times Pant

Pack It Up Backpack

So Fly Butterfly Print

So Fly Butterfly Fatigue Wunder Under Pants

Pipedream Blue Swiftly

New Scuba Hoodie in Dashing Purple

Dance To Yoga Tank, Dance To Yoga Skirt

Dance To Yoga Skirt, Dance To Yoga Leotard

Pretty Plume High Times Pant



  1. Man I really like those So Butterfly Fatigue WUs. I have the Dashing Purple scuba already - it's dreamy.

    1. You're right Sophie, the Dashing Purple Scuba is dreamy!

  2. I ordered the Dashing Purple Scuba Hoodie last week, still waiting for it to arrive! Can't wait to see how it looks in person, kind of hoping it's a little darker like it shows in the website photos, but it looks nice in the above photos as well, either way I think I'm going to be happy with it.

    1. Received my hoodie today :) It's so gorgeous, it's a little darker than the photos above which is just what I was hoping for, it's definitely my new favourite taking the place of my beautiful Green Teal/Inkwell Scuba from last fall.

    2. Is Dashing Purple close to Plum or Bordeaux Drama? I have Bordeaux but would love something close to Plum. Thank you! Lea

  3. that packed up jacket looks like a cocoon on her back. it's kinda grossing me out....

  4. yup, looks like a diaper or a jock on her back...yah..NO


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