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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sneaky Upload *Jet Crop Slims

You may have noticed that the Lululemon website was down for maintenance since last night. This morning the website is back up with a few new items for the US side. I haven't noticed anything on the Canada side yet. A reader pointed out new Jet Crop Slims and Run Top Speed Crops. Have you noticed anything else new? Let me know and I'll add it to this post.



  1. I think the Serenity pants in Blue Denim are also new. They uploaded another Jet Crop Slim in Black, I wonder what's the difference with the other ones that have the Lullaby cord. Also I noticed that they took down items from WMTM, like the Sun showers jacket.

  2. I purchased shorts from WMTM this week. At checkout, two items I was holding in my shopping bag from the warehouse sale showed up. And I got a shipping notification for those items today, at the warehouse pricing! Do you think they will make it to me? Hoping I scored the two items that were swept from me when the warehouse sale suddenly closed.

  3. These just snuck on their site. "Superb Pant" in black/grey. Not really a fan of the open-side.

  4. Where have the CRB's gone? :(


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