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Monday, July 13, 2015

Product Drop Monday! Wanderlust Hits Vancouver, Serenity Shorts, Alarming Speed Shorts, Bali Breeze Cool Racerback and More

Wanderlust items have item have hit Robson St and Park Royal in Vancouver. The bag is sold out in the print but it seems there is still stock on the other product. Thanks to reader Ms. R for all these store photos. 

Serenity Pant



  1. All those products dropped in Van today?! Awesome! Hope it's headed my way this week! We usually get product a few days after you!

  2. Ahhh I just ordered the gingham/tranquil blue FTBW bra because they're almost sold out online. Looks like I could have gotten an energy bra instead! No matter, both are cute. Also loving that blue combo Stuff Your Bra.

  3. Love the stripe and solid black tied up tanks. I'm really hoping we get trackers in alarming with NO contrasting piping on the seams like those speeds.

    1. Contrasting piping? Is there another pic of the alarming speeds? I thought they were solid alarming with no contrasting details. I'm gonna go check if I can find them today in Montreal.
      I saw a different pair of speeds (I think it was in the Australian upload) that were in dashing purple, with alarming waistband and tranquil blue piping. They do not seem to be tbe same as shown in this picture.

  4. I went this morning to one of Montreal's stores. The solid alarming speeds are orange, not red :-( I was hoping for some true red speeds....


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