by lulumum

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fit Review & Mail Day: Street To Studio Pants in Bark Chocolate

I just arrived home to my delivery of the Street To Studio Pants in Bark Chocolate and I got to quickly try them on. I absolutely love the color!! I was a bit worried about how it would pair with other colors but here it is with Heathered Black and I think it looks really cute. Colors in this swiftly material are tricky because sometimes they can look great online where they are saturated and then when you see them in person they are washed out thanks to the lighter stripe in the material. These and the Gator Green ones are the only ones I've liked enough to keep in any of the Street To Studio Pants, and the In Flux Crops in Fatigue Green and Black.



  1. Awesome! They look great -- I sooo want these! I just got the LS peacock blue Swiftly and think it would look beautiful together! Would you recommend TTS or size down like DSC/DSP?

    1. TTS, although if you are between sizes you should go with your lower size.


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