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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Nothing for me tonight but only because I already did damage on Monday purchasing the Heathered Poseidon and Jewelled Magenta Cool Racebacks and the Grey Refresh Maxi Dress. If you are waffling about ordering any of those items tonight, pull the trigger. The Refresh Maxi Dress sold out within 30 minutes last week on the Canadian side, have sold out in local stores since Monday and I anticipate both Heathered Cool Racerbacks doing the same this week just like the Heathered Lullaby did. Lululemon, you are alright tonight. From afar, I am admiring the Iris Flower Superb Tee on the US side as well as the Studio Raceback Vitasea in the Straightup Stripe White Black. One local store had that particular Striped Studio Racerback last week but it sold out in the size I needed (size 12 - a size up!). The Vitasea Studio is a bit too fitted in TTS and all the eds in store had sized up in it too.

Did you order anything tonight? was it a gooder for you? 

Refresh Maxi Dress

Superb Long Sleeve

Ace Dress

Ace Tank

Ace Skirt

Hotty Hot Short



  1. Did the U.S. not get the poseidon CRB or did it sell out in the 3 minutes it took for my computer to load the page?

    1. No, US just got the Jewelled Magenta this week.

  2. I got 2 Maxi dress in black & white and gray, will keep 1

  3. I picked up the jeweled magenta CRB after reading your advice to buy and then decide. I live right around the corner from a store anyway. I already have the heather jeweled magenta swiftly racerback from last summer, so may not need this, but I may keep both since the purpose of each tank is pretty different.

  4. I looked at the heathered poseidon in store today. I don't find it as soft as heathered lullaby, and I didn't like the feel of it but couldn't pinpoint why. Love the colour though.

    1. I agree. I thought it was very thin, and a little rough feeling compared to some heathered crbs I have. Gorgeous colour thought!

  5. Do you know if Canada got the break away shorts? I'm dying for the black ones but I havent had time to check in store.. Sol from MTL


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