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Monday, May 25, 2015

Product Drop Monday: Ace Dress

Ace Dress, What The Sport Short



  1. liking the dress - looks like it is stuck between her bum/legs in the 2nd photo - hmmn! I am thinking a muffin top will show but I am going to buy it as long as the price is not outrageous ! The skirt and tank are nice too. I take it there were none in your store when you went?

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  3. Is there any info on the price of the dress yet? or the skirt or tank? Thanks in advance - I am so excited about this upload. And I did wear my lullaby tank yesterday (finally after having it at home for so long!) - I am thinking that I probably should have sized down as it is not snug on tummy area -- though it is ok on top. I guess that is the difference in fabrics? So I am thinking I should size down in the JM and the Poseiden. Since they don't have much compression I am thinking they will show off my lumps and bumps - lol slight muffin top from my babies! What are your thougths?


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