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Friday, May 29, 2015

Ace Skirt, Ace Tank, Ace Dress

I'm not a tennis person but I'm loving a lot of these tennis capsule photos. This years tennis by lululemon is on point!;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis;USwomen;activities;tennis



  1. Cute but no way is that skirt golf appropriate length! Wish it is a tad longer.

  2. I was so surprised at how long the dress actually is - not any shorter than the hit your stride skirt, rival or pleat to street --- The back of the dress actually seems like it is longer than front to account for the bum. I was very impressed. From the side it is soooo flattering. I have a bit of a mummy tummy ( a thicker waist) and it made me look so thin on waist from side view. I got both colours - that is how much I liked them. I didnt think I would like black, but the pattern has a slight shimmer to it and it is not on the flounce part of the skirt/dress - so I thought it looked better than the skirt. The fabric is amazing too! It wasn't meant to be a dress to wear out (I buy my casual/work clothes from other retailers) - I wear LLL for the gym only (or jogging/walking). So this baby will suit my needs fine. Cute for a pump workout or for a jog! And if I happen to have to run into grocery store, its all good - I will have short underneath - no different than wearing any of my other skirts from gym when running into grocery store!


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