by lulumum

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Var-City Bomber, Var-City 1/2 Sleeve, Var-City Bra, Jet Crops, New Cool Racerbacks, Regal Plum Free To Be Wild Bra



  1. The closeup of the Var-City 1/2 sleeve with the snaps..I don't think that's it because I just saw them in store last night and I don't remember the snaps down the front..and what's underneath?

    1. There's a super cute var-city tank with snaps and a cutout in back that I just snagged at an Upper East side NYC store. I tried to find in a 4 in another store but no one else had it in yet so they're probably just hitting stores. I bought the 2 anyway because it was sooo cute

    2. Maybe it's the tank because I was in my local Lulu yesterday and conformed that the Var-City 1/2 sleeve does NOT have these cute snaps :)

  2. Is that a tattoo of a squid? Whatever it is, it is definitely unique.

    I always wonder what drives people to get something permanently inked on their body. I think it is a serious leap of faith. I have thought of getting ink in the past but have always chickened out at the last moment. I know I shouldn't care what other people will think, but I just do.


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