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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Preview From Singapore: Pigment Wave Multi Speed Shorts and Inspire Crops

Thanks to Ms. S in Singapore we have a sneak peek of another new fun print. Pigment Wave Multi (the top speed shorts) is coming in Inspire Crops, Speed Shorts and I'm sure many more items. It looks so much like Unicorn Tears from 2011. I'm loving Pigment Wave Multi as well as the Iridescent Multi and I'm thinking of getting both Inspire Crops.;USwhats-new

Bottom left you can see Pigment Wave Multi Inspire Crops and Speed Tights, and Brushed Animal Inspire Crops;USwhats-new


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  1. I hope the speeds come in the animal print. Is that blue tropics 105 I see? (yet another item that Canada hasn't received yet). I like the animal print crops, the pigment wave print speeds and the cyber stripe tights. I guess it's a good thing they haven't come to our country yet as I'd be broke.


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