by lulumum

Friday, April 3, 2015

Breezy Regal Plum Wunder Unders, Electric Coral Wunder Under Pants, Bark Berry Rain On Jacket and More;USwhats-new


  1. I like the Breezy Regal Plum WUC. What's the contrasting lighter purple color?

    I'm getting my electric coral WUP in the mail today. Wonder how they'll look on. I'd prefer a WUC version.

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  3. Just got my textured stripe WUC. Thick and opaque but not super compressive in my TTS. Anyone else get these?

  4. I did purchase the textured stripe WUC and have the same feeling, definitely not very compressive in my TTS!
    I like the color Electric Coral but now that I know they are coming in the WUC Roll down I will wait for those..I had a pair of the pants on hold at a local Lulu and just had them put em back in stock :)

  5. I hope the Electric Coral comes out in a crop!


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