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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Finally the Moody Mirage Cool Racerback got uploaded to Canada. I ordered that and the Clear Mint Cool Racerback but I have a Mint Moment Cool Racerback that I need to compare with Clear Mint. For that reason I'm not sure I'd keep the Clear Mint but I wanted to compare it anyways. Then I set eyes on the new color Vintage Green and I've fallen in love. Jade is my favourite shade of green and I really hope we see a lot more items in that. If the On The Daily Hoodie comes in Vintage Green I will 1000% need to order it, but a Scuba Hoodie is not going to get much use in my closet so I will resist it. The Plum Street To Studio Crops are tempting as are both striped Weekend SS's and the Heathered Denim Alberta Lake Crew Love Pullover. The High Times in Black Cherry with the *Fem Stripe is super popular amongst all the people that have tried them so far (super soft/thick luon) but I have regular Black Cherry High Times so I absolutely cannot consider these ones. I've been waiting for the Water: See Me Run Singlets for an upcoming trip to Vegas (poolside) but since it didn't upload here I wont get it in time for my trip.

Did you order anything tonight? Upload was definitely better on the Canada side this week. 

Black Cherry High Times Pant *fem (these are hiding and not listed as *fem)

On The Daily Hoodie

Vintage Green Scuba Hoodie OMG gorgeous green!!

Vintage Green Free To Be Wild Bra I want everything in this color. New favourite!

Fo Drizzle Jacket Cashew Did Canada not get this last week?

Wunder Under Pant Deep Navy (not listed as denim but they look it)

Is it crazy that I've been considering getting these shorts as shapewear to wear under dresses and skirts? I wear shorts under skirts because of my lack of thigh gap issue...and these are the same price as what I'd get elsewhere and probably a lot cooler.



  1. Omg, I want the Vintage Green FTBW! Is that Canada only?

  2. Nothing super exciting on US side

  3. First purchase this month for me. I got three things…the Navy Roll Down WUs (the darker fabric - I don't like the look of the regular WU in Navy), the Street to Studio in Plum (love that shade) and the Clear Mint CRB. Hope they're all keepers!

    1. yah feeling very tempted by the street to studio too.

  4. Nope. Not a crazy idea at all!


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