by lulumum

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Fatigue Chevron Ebb To Street Pant, Mesh With Me Short Sleeve Tee, Varsity Shorts, Namaskar II Pant, Clear Mint Reversible Wunder Under Crops, Runaway Retreat Duffel

My order from last night, the Heathered Black Groove II Pants haven't shipped yet and since they sold out online on both the US and Canada side I decided to head to the bigger lulu store nearby to see if they had them.  I was bummed out to see they did not get them in at all although they got the other colors in.  I really hope my order ships. I also tried on the Namaskar II Pants and liked them but they didn't have the Heathered Slate color that I like so if my Groove Pants get cancelled I may order those. The material was so light weight and silky that I think they will be perfect for Spring/Summer.



  1. I think that the "mesh with me" ss is the first mesh item I actually kind of like the look of in a long time!

  2. I picked up some heathered black grooves in my local store today and they are amazing. They're my first pair of groove pants (I usually go for WUs, high times). I love the high waist band and the material is like butter. I will live in these! Hope yours ship soon!

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    1. I saw the on the daily hoodie in fatigue fog today in the store and thought it was really pretty. I tried it on and it was really soft; I liked it a lot.

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