by lulumum

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Brushed Animal Inspire Crops, Run Pace Setter 1/2 Zip Heathered Regal Plum, Fresco Swiftly SS, Bark Berry Rain On Jacket, The Best Vest Jacket and More

The following three images are from Australia, so a preview for us.;USwhats-new



  1. Lulu is so into the light grey silver color especially for springtime for several years. I can see it's ok as a neutral but not exactly a spring color to me. The retreat dress maybe lovely but the duckbill hemline ruins it for me, I've been into lulu for almost 3 years and this 'trend' has been almost as long. Hate it.

    1. The light grey on its own is very dull but paired next to brights it can be quite nice within a print. Still, there is only so much light grey you need.
      Agree about the dress and the duckbill hemline. The fabric is too light and the hemline flares out in an odd way. it's ok on a 105F singlet but on a dress it is very odd.


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