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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Britt's Picks: Swim 2015 Edition

Katelin's Britt's Picks is all swim this week and features the swim gear that you can see in action in my post earlier today which includes the sneak peek video. I'm loving the Surf To Sand Tie Top in Plum Peach, the Surf To Sand Booster in Dragonfly (would get that in Black Cherry) and the Surf To Sand Boyshort and the Surf Shorts



  1. Love to know what top that black one in the video was..where the gal was sitting down wearing black and white crops/surfboard. It had cute strappy interest on the back. So cute! Glad to see lulu is accomadating endowed girls in their swimwear. Girls with boobs like to swim too! Love dragonfly color!!

  2. Love the boy short and dragon fly bra. I'm glad to see models have a thicker waist as I thought I was abnormal. Lol. I had a super tiny waist a year ago when I went down to a 00 but I had legs and arms for sticks. Yuck. I gained back some weight to get boobs and butt back but I also lost my tiny waist. Lol. I guess that is the price I pay and I think bodypump everyday is bulding muscle including on the abs

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