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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Britt's Picks!

Katelin's Britt's Picks is up! Nothing too earth shatteringly exciting (which usually means there will be lots of stuff uploaded) but I do like a few things. Gully Green is pretty exciting, and the Blue Tropics 105F Singlet. I'm very interested in trying out the new The Drizz Jacket but it is US only so I'll have to hope it eventually comes to Canada. The Fatigue Fo Drizzle Jacket will finally upload for the US on Tuesday.;whats-new



  1. Excited about the green! Now let's hope some good items come out in it!

  2. Really liking the color of Singlet, wish I could zoom in to see it better as well as crops on the last picture , but it takes me to lulu web site ,,,

  3. Love that 105 f color too! I'm so upset Lululemon is doing away with the scalloped edges though!!


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