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Monday, February 2, 2015

Australia Sneek Peeks! Blushed Illusion, Peach Plum and Harbour Blue

I am loving this sneak peek on the upcoming items. Peach Plum is a new favourite color of mine and I'm excited to see more of it coming. Harbour Blue is also very pretty and reminds me a lot of Wish Blue. I think I'd like a Blushed Illusion Multi Cool Racerback or Energy Bra but I now see that I want one with less purple in the print and more orange. 

I love this Heathered Peach Plum Swiftly. I don't own any Swiftlies but may need this one. 

Seek The Heat Short

Love this Deep Camo Modern Racerback


  1. You must get a LS swiftly! I just got my first one and am in love! So comfy, flattering fit and dries very quickly. Loving the new colours :)

  2. does this mean we won't get solid blushed illusion speed shorts?

  3. Uh oh, all this stuff is super pretty...

  4. I think the brushed illusion print kind of looks like a print from the 80s....I love the blue, tho.

  5. I hate the swiftlies - I find the arms too snug (and I don't have large arms) and they seem to snag easily. They need to come out with a weekender or a softer ls top. But I do love the color. Definitely want that FTB bra!

    1. Whoops I meant energy bra. They should definitely do this color combo in the FTB wild!

  6. I don't like Swifties either, the fabric feels too polyestery to me. But the color is beautiful, hopefully there will be more LS top in this color

  7. that print is an awful lot like the duvet cover from my college dorm room in the late 80's..Very Monet-ish. Cute but not my style


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