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Friday, January 23, 2015

Website Restocks

I noticed a few new items and restocks on the website tonight. I think the Miss Misty Purple Fog is also a restock but I wasn't certain so I didn't include a photo. I'll look around a bit more for the next few minutes and add to the post if there is more on the Canadian and US side. Have you noticed anything new or restocked? 

Rest Less Pullover CAD all colors!

Forme Jacket in Pow Pink and Antidote CAD

Ignore the broken links here. I'm trying to remove them. 


  1. Stained glass speed tights size 6

  2. i see lots of restocks too but not in all sizes… i have only taken a look at the tops section.

  3. Are the pow pink/antidote Formes new or old? Are they retiring the Define already?! C'mon LLL... can't a girl buy a bright Define jacket?!


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