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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Upload is up!

Nothing for me (yet!) but there are a few US items that are interesting me quite a lot. The Lotus Camo Miss Misty Jacket, the pink Free To Be Wild. On the Canada side I'm contemplating the Dessert Snake and Menthol Energy Bra, the Alberta Lake Be Present Jacket and a few other things. Did you order anything tonight? Ended up ordering the Menthol Energy Bra. I was trying to resist it since I've fallen in love with the Ebb and Flow Bra but Menthol is my favourite color. 

Miss Misty Jacket Lotus Camo

Black Cherry Cool Racerback  

 photo ScreenShot2015-01-27at43656PM_zps278451ad.png

Canada finally got Tech Mesh High Times



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  2. Nothing appeals to me this week :(

  3. Nothing for me. I'm still waiting for last week's shipment. They're sending it from WA again. What happened to their midwest distributor? Thinking of buying the inkwell power Y in store tomorrow since I hesitated ordering it last week.

  4. I see the FTBW bras are mostly gone from Canada's site already. How come we got old colors in the Solo bra? Nothing of interest for me again this week. I'd like the Bangs back head wrap in the grey color if it ever comes to stores. I've only seen it in ultraviolet in mine. Hope the breezy skirt hits stores soon too as I'd like to try it.

  5. Too late for pink free to be wild unless you are a size 2!!


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