by lulumum

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Snug Springer Jacket

I haven't heard much buzz about the Snug Sprinter Jacket and actually, had totally forgotten about it after it uploaded a week or two ago. Now that the stores are starting to get it and are showing photos of it it's actually pretty nice. I like this Heathered Slate/Dream Rose one. When it uploaded I assumed this was camo. Have you tried this one on? Any thoughts to share? 



  1. They had one returned at my store 😝 been there a week now lol

  2. I think the shoulders, particularly the way the fabric sticks out a bit, looks like a football linebacker.

  3. I'd be interested except for those shoulders! Why couldn't they have sewn a neat seam instead of leaving that awful overhang?!?!

  4. Its a great looking jacket on! Very flattering. I have not worn mine yet, but will be a good transition piece.

  5. I ordered it in that same print when it first showed up online a few weeks ago and returned it. Based on the reviews on the site, I seem to be in the minority, but I thought the fit was kind of baggy in my TTS 6, the dream rose front seemed noisy to me, and I didn't like the material the rest of the jacket was made out of.


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