by lulumum

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Runbeam LS, Chevron Shuffle Shorts, Deep Wren Define Jacket, Yin To You Sweater

Runbeam LS, Chevron Shuffle Tracker II Shorts



  1. Have those chevron shorts been spotted in Canada? Are you sure that they aren't run times. Run times were uploaded on the US side last week in that print, but I think they sold out. Thanks

  2. Off topic, but I wonder if the port issue held up more Resolutions hobos? I want an atomic flower/silver spoon one so bad but they barely made it into stores. They're available on the US site but I don't really want to pay 25% more :(

  3. OT, can anyone who bought the Dream Rose coal scuba (with the subtle grey roses on black background) how you are liking it. Has it washed well, does it just look like an unevenly faded black scuba? I need to decide if I'm keeping it or returning it. Thanks! ��


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