by lulumum

Friday, January 16, 2015

Relaxed Fit Pants

If I didn't already have a pair of Relaxed Fit Pants from 2010 still going strong I'd be all over ordering a pair from upload this go round. They are a much more flattering straight legged style compared with the Still Pants that were well loved, but with the same high and wide waistband. If you are a curvy pear shape like me, straight leg is much more flattering than a wide flair. 



  1. Hi Lulumum! Thanks for all the updates! Love your blog for years. Unfortunately lately since you've updated the blog with linking pics to website it seems to take a very long time to sometimes deters me from downloading. I'm impatient lol! I don't have issues in other sites....Just wanted to let know :)

    1. Hi there, so sorry about that. I will reduce the amount of image links and hopefully that will help.

  2. Can anyone comment if the relaxed fit pants are true to size, or a size down item?


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