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Tuesday, December 9, 2014


As always, the link first..

Oy vey! That was a suspenseful wait for the upload. I ordered the Giant Herringbone High Times pants but I question my judgement since I have the Inspire Crops in this print. I also ordered the Pique Think Fast Hoodie but seeing the Luscious Herringbone Embrace Hoodie on the US side makes me wonder if I'd rather have that. So I may return my Think Fast Hoodie if Canada ever gets that Embrace Hoodie. The Malas are pretty but I'm not rich. Maybe Santa can buy me the black one and put it under the tree for me. Did you order anything tonight? 

Mala Beads CAD
Mala Beads US

Embrace Hoodie Luscious US only
Oh man, so want this one. Sherpa fleece and Giant Herringbone!

 Think Fast Hoodie CAD

Heathered Textured Lotus Energy Bra CAD

Fatigue Green Studio Pant Lined CAD
Fatigue Green Studio Pant Lined US

Wunder Under Crop Dotti Dream Rose CAD
Wunder Under Crop Dotti Dream Rose US

Dream Rose Stripe Scuba Hoodie CAD

Giant Houndstooth Dip Dye Scuba Hoodie CAD

Dream Rose Deep Coal Scuba Hoodie CAD

Ravi Tee CAD
I have a Ravi Tee from October and I really like it. I may get another one later in the month.

Feelin' Frosty Softshell Pant CAD
Why are these shiny?


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