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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Upload link up first, as usual. Post will be updated shortly

Nothing for me tonight (yet!) but quite a few items I'm interested in. I'm so sad Canada isn't getting the Waterbound items. I love the Ombre Wave Print. Normally in this situation I would order off the US side to a US address but with the CAD dollar the way it is it converts to almost $70..and my husband would probably feel really offended if I did that. I think I'll wait in hopes that Canada might eventually get these pieces in the spring, maybe even in January. I also really like the Cabin Sweater Pants but I really need to try them on first. My dog (a Boston Terrier) has really long scratchy paws so I can see her ruining them immediately when she jumps up to greet me. Also really loving the Roll Down Dream Rose Wunder Unders. If I break down and order something tonight it will probably be those. How about you? Order anything tonight?

PS. Thank goodness upload was early. Now I can watch Marko Polo on Netflix for an hour before I start cooking dinner for the kids. Have you guys watched it yet? I'm halfway through the series and I only started it two days ago. Must watch!!

Water Bound Hoodie US only

Water Bound Singlet US only

Water Bound Bra US only

Giant Herringbone Dip Dye Scuba Hoodie US

Giant Houndstooth Dip Dye Wunder Unders US side

Cool Racerback Paradise Grid US

Dream Rose Deep Coal Wunder Under Pant Roll Down US
Dream Rose Deep Coal Wunder Under Pant Roll Down CAD

Paradise Grid Wunder Under Pants US

Inspire Tight II Textured Wave CAD

Cabin Yogi Wrap CAD

Festival Bag Atomic Flower CAD

Pleat To Street Skirt US


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