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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Boxing Day Upload!

Click on the 'what's new' image below if you are unable to access the new upload landing page. Lots of items uploaded to the US side tonight. I'm saving my WMTM purchases for the store which is generally about $10 cheaper than the online markdown prices. I probably would have purchased the Anytime Dress if it had come to the Canada side, and I was definitely hopeful for the Peach Plum Rest Less Hoodie. I'm curious about the Atomic Red Namaskar Hoodie but I need to try it on. Although the idea of trying it on at home vs. fighting the Boxing Day crowds tomorrow sounds pretty tempting to me at this point. Did you order anything tonight? I'll update this post if I pull the trigger on anything.  

Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker US

Race With Grace 1/2 Zip US
Race With Grace 1/2 Zip CAD

Namaskar Hoodie CAD

Flow Y Bra Prism Petal CAD


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