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Tuesday, November 18, 2014


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Nothing for me tonight but I am tempted by a few items. Heathered Majestic Roll Downs are calling to me but I've already sworn off buying more since I have two already and I really don't need more lounging pants. Also tempted by the Pigment Ebb To Street Pant but would prefer a luxtreme bottom in pigment, or the Dance Studio Jacket. Also interested in the Solid Inkwell 105F Singlet that the US got and the Yogi Crew Sweater. 

Heathered Majestic Roll Down Wunder Under Crops
US Heathered Majestic Roll Downs

Mini Check Pique Vinyasa

Define Jacket
US Define Jacket

Canada only Cardi All Day

US only 1x A Lady 

US Only Mantra Tote

Check this out, on the US side, Inkwell 105F Singlet and a Heathered Inkwell 105F Singlet. Canada has yet to get either. I got the Heathered one in the US a few months ago and love it so much that if Canada had the solid version I'd pick that one up in an instant. Crazy, I know. But the color is gorgeous in person. 


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