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Monday, November 10, 2014

Fit Report; Cardi All Day, Pigment Fluffed Up Jacket, Fluffed Up Pullover

New product in store this morning! Pranayama Scarves, Fluffed Up Jacket (Boom Juice and Pigment) Fluffed Up Pullover (yuck!!) and Cardi All Day.

Cardi All Day is the newest oversized cardigan. It is merino wool and priced at $178 and it comes in a salt and pepper marled, a deep inkwell and this grey. I had the wrong sweater on underneath to try this on so it looks pretty terrible. I didn't love it but can see it looking great on others if styled well. It comes in xs/s m/l sizing and this was the m/l on me. I would have liked to have tried on the small but with the wrong sweater on underneath it wasn't worth bothering today. I liked it a lot better open than I liked it closed. 

The Pigment Fluffed Up Jacket is in today as well as in Boom Juice. I've decided I really just don't like this line. I also tried on the pullover today (fluffed up pullover) and it was horrible. I hated it on me and it is absolutely something I need to size up in to make it look like a cozy over layer. The sides on it don't unzip completely either, you unzip it and it stays attached at the bottom hem. 

Yuck! So unflattering. The neckline on this was way too high with no zipper to make it easier to pull off. Having just done 45 heavy snatches this morning at Crossfit, I didn't appreciate having to dislocate my shoulder to get out of it. If you have boobs, forget about this pullover in your regular size. 


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