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Tuesday, October 7, 2014


Goodies galore tonight! I broke down and ordered the Fuel Green Fleecy Keen Jacket but I do need to sell something in my closet in order to keep it though.  I have a few goodies in mind that may tempt (Hustle Jacket, Bali Breeze DSJ...Savage Green Hooded Sunblocker..). Did you order anything tonight? 

Varsity Plaid! Kinda interesting. Not hating on it. (US side)

(US side)

 Purple Fog CRB (Canada/US)

I saw these swiftly SL's in store today and they were very pretty. Where are you, Fuel Green CRB? 

I was very interested in this Miss Misty Pullover every time I saw it in store photos here and there but given the Fleecy Keen Upload I can't justify it at all. (Canada/US)

Not loving the drop waist pockets or the two tone arms/body on this version but the black one is not so bad. (US)


Canada got the Coco Pique Vinyasa. It was hinted at on the last Britt's Picks so I suspected Canada would get this this week but better to keep it cool since this is a hot seller. 


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