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Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Nothing for me today (thank goodness because I am going out of town). I did see the Heathered Bark Chocolate Roll Down Wunder Unders today and really like them. I just don't think I can justify a pair of pants I can't wear to the gym. 

I wanted this, but thanks to 'gateway timeout' for me again I missed it. I'm stuck on the spinny wheel of death but I'm hearing from others it's already sold. 

Heathered Bark Chocolate (not Branch as I called it earlier) in Canada only

Also Canada only. I can't view it in English so not sure what it is called but I hate that the sleeves are a shiny material. 

These were mildly tempting in the print but I opted to pass. They are not run crops and I think the Rebel Runner has better function for me. 

Couple of dance specific items

These next three items where just added to the website after the first upload. 

Interested in the Inky Floral top underneath. Actually, it seems like the bottom blouse is attached. 


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