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Monday, July 14, 2014

Lululemon Wunderlust 2014 Co-Branded Apparel

Last year I caught a glimpse of a Wunderlust specialty item, the Gather Racerback (shown below) in a heathered menthol like color, organic cotton. The item was purchased at the Whistler Wunderlust Festival and then returned to my store. Since it was my size I snapped it up, but then later ended up returning it. I really like the cute little bird on a branch logo from last year, but this years compass logo is pretty cute too. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that these pants may make it to my store as a return, but if not, maybe I'll check out the Whistler store on a weekend to see what they've got. 


Every Yogi Tee with screen print

 Wunderlust 2013 Whistler


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