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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas: Day 5 - May

May was a promising month of products and great color pallets. My best purchase from that month are my Static Charcoal Wunder Under Crops which are made in Canada, and my Soot Light Contempo Jacket. I also got a few items in Power Purple (one of my favourite colors) but ended up returning them as I didn't care for the color blocking with Aquamarine. We also saw Groovy Nimbus Stripe and Soot Nimbus Stripe Cool Racerbacks. I got both but ended up returning the Groovy striped one as I didn't have the urge to wear it during the two week return period. I opted instead to keep my solid Pizzaz Cool Racerback.

Pretty Static Charcoal Wunder Unders
We haven't seen any other static items since then.

Really love the design of the Contempo Jacket much more than the Nice Asana Jacket

One of the many Power Purple/Aquamarine color blocked items

Part of the Golf Capsule. I wasn't too interested in any of these items. 

Groovy Nimbus Stripe, Pizzaz, Soot Twiggy Print


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