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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

12 Days Of Christmas: Day 12 - My Favourite Items Of The Year

As my wrap up for the 12 Days of Christmas posts I thought I'd show you my favourite items from this past year. Hope you all have a really happy new year. 

Harmonious Hoodie
I ended up getting two of these, one in Cornflower Blue and one in Black, and I wear them almost daily. I love that the outside is 100% Merino Wool and the inside is a cotton jersey lining. 

Plum Dance Studio Jacket III
Such a great color for this jacket!

Tuck And Fly Pullover
I just love the soft thin RULU of this pullover and how multi purpose it is. I've used it as a to/from for Crossfit, warmup, cycling, camping

Forme II Jacket Angel Wing Hyperstripe
This is my most favourite luon jacket in my closet right now

Beautiful Baroque Cool Racerback
Even though I'm not a fan of polyester Cool Racerbacks, I just loved the print. 

Seawheeze 2013 Retro Stripe Multi/Angeli Wing Cool Racerback
I got a few Seawheeze 2013 Cool Racerbacks but this one is by far my favourite. 

Parallel Striped Wunder Under Crops

Base Runner Hoodie Surge

The ones that got away:

 Urbanite Blazer
I hesitated on this one because the price at $178 was truly unfair.

Parallel Striped Runday Crops
So annoyed that this run crop never made it into Canadian stores. I've looked for it obsessively since it sold out online and am really chocked I hesitated ordering it off the website.


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