Friday, August 31, 2012

Star Runner LS and Milky Way Speeds

Thanks to Ms. T for providing the pictures today.
Star Runner LS in Angel Blue Tonka Stripe (RULU) $88
For $88 this is a far better value than the $78 short sleeve version

 Speed Shorts (4-way stretch) Milky Way Multi Print

Angel Blue Tonka Stripe Bright At Night Shorts. Also comes in Pigment Blue


  1. How much is the long sleeve? It is very cute but if the short sleeve is $78, I am scared to see the price of the long sleeve!

  2. The LS seems much more practical, too. I don't see getting much use out of a thicker SS shirt. Do you know the price of the run at night pants?

  3. Coco softshell jackets on wmtm marked down to 99$ woohoo so happy i wanted this jacket but would never have paid 228$ for it. I scooped a cashew colored one up soo happy,,,, maybe theyll mark the vests down to $99 now too

  4. New speed shorts in pretty pink in the shorts banner