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Thursday, June 28, 2012

New! Covers It All Dress

There were a few new items in store today but the most notable item was this Covers It All Dress priced at $98. It's another multi way scarf/dress/shrug item made out of two layers of Vitasea fabric in a tube shape. I was sceptical of it at first glance since I wasn't quite sure how to put it on other than wearing it as a shrug or a scarf. I'd probably never wear it as a dress but I am intrigued by it as a tunic length top. When worn as a dress the back is quite exposed from the top of the butt up to the shoulders but it's not so bad when you layer a cute tank underneath it. The fabric also felt quite thick and warm since it's a double layer of vitasea and it also drapes quite a bit so thats a lot of fabric bulk on a hot day. Wearing it as a shrug is cute too but since the cut out in the back isn't centred one sleeve will be longer than the other.  I'm not tempted by it enough to race back to the store to buy one but I would like to see a few more shots on how to wear this as a top. 

The back of the 'dress' layed out flat on the floor so you can see the opening

Worn as a shrug

I think this was my favorite way, just wish there was a bit of a short sleeve on this rather than it being a tank

This was ok, there is a lot of fabric layered wearing it this way, about 4 layers of vitasea. 

I rolled the neck up here a bit, it creates a hood in the back . 


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