Saturday, September 25, 2010

Tadasana Jacket

Not a big fan of this one because I liked the shape of the Get It Started better. This one to me fit's quite large and felt bagged out a bit at the waist. Also, the power mesh on this jacket is not quite as soft. Here is my fit review from last week. I do like the lolo version of this jacket though.


  1. Ugh, I'm not a fan either. Don't like how you can see the pink back from the front like that.

  2. I've tried this on because and it's the same fit as the no rain no gain jacket- fine in the front and a poufy turtle shell in the back!!!! Maybe lulu should move on from this design because most people have some shape to their body..I'm not happy, I like the "different" designs but maybe it's time to move on from this mesh back/poufy back look!