Friday, July 30, 2010

Scuba, Savasana and Swiftly

Thanks to a readers tip I found these. I think I like the Lolo Scuba better but I'm not sure that those are in stores yet. The pencil scribble on the Savasana is cute but I like the Dip Dyed one better. And it looks like the long sleeve Run: Swiftly's are out in Canada.
Cute in a solid.
I like the Oasis detail


  1. Thanks for the tip vicki, I had overlooked that one.

  2. I'm sure this Savasana Wrap will be uploaded online. This was the picture showing when plain black SW's were added to the CDN site a couple of weeks ago. It's cute but not for me.

  3. what colors did you see the swiftly tech LS in?!

  4. The Swiftly's just came out in Oasis and Alarm but there are older colors that should still be available such as Lagoon and Grey. I found these pictures at Park Royal in Vancouver but I think they are also available in the US.