Saturday, July 31, 2010

Run: Cross Train Pullover - More Pictures

The black is actually pretty cute. It will go with
any pants you get so it's the safe bet.
I like the side paneling. Very flattering on tops. My Modern
V neck has this and it hugs your curves.
But Oasis is soo pretty in luxtreme.


  1. I can't decide between Oasis and Alarm now :P I also found some pictures for you of the returning Everyday Yoga Jacket:!/photo.php?pid=13813792&id=114720210412!/photo.php?pid=13813793&id=114720210412&fbid=10150236680430413

  2. Thanks A! I really liked the Apre Yoga jacket last year with really cute logo liner, and I loved the bomber jacket so it will be interesting to try this on and see how similar it is to the one last year. Hopefully it has that cute liner.

  3. looooove!!!
    what store had the Oasis Cross Train photos?
    oh dear, I love the striped one already and only brought it home for a 'visit'.... uh oh!

  4. I really wanted to like this top, but didn't end up buying it. The ruching didn't appeal to me when on like I thought it would. And the luxtreme just isn't very forgiving AT ALL. Holding out for the run inspire pullover!

  5. Cheryl, I saw it here on the legacy place page!/photo.php?pid=4787727&id=123841143317&fbid=420222213317

    there was another US store that had a picture but I can't remember which one.

  6. I like the top in this color combo.
    I don't know how to decide between this one and the Run: Inspire top. Can't justify both! What does the Crosstrain pullover cost?

  7. I believe the crosstrain pullover is in the $98 range. Would you use both for running frequently? It may be worth picking up both and then selling whichever one you would get less use out of (keep tags on of course) on the exchange page. I think luxtreme and running luon are both useful running items but I think the running luon is a bit more cold weather wile luxtreme is more cool weather.