Friday, July 30, 2010

Fireside Hoodie

Heathered Coal. Yup, I like that color better but I'm not loving the sweater design over all for myself. It's cute for someone else's body shape. Notice the blue logo? I like that too.
Love this color with the black

Looks cute on her. Also looks like the logo is blue on this one.


  1. What store did this pic come from? I love the cable knit!

  2. Oops, thought I'd lost the page and I couldn't remember where it was. Somerset. Looks like the Fireside and the new Savasana is currently out in the US. Not sure of Canada yet.

  3. Solid Scuba's spotted on the Saskatoon site. They have Oasis (linked) & black! :)!/photo.php?pid=4808503&id=114034581698&fbid=411741701698