Lulu Speak

A guide to the language of the Lulu obsessed. I'll keep updating as I think of things but feel free to add in the comments section bellow and I'll transfer it here.

Upload Thursday:  Thursday morning is when Lululemon uploads new products on to the website. We obsessed with keeping up to date congregate on the Lululemon Facebook page and on this blog and chatter about each item as it comes up. After Upload is finished we review what everyone caved and purchased.

Visiting:  When you love an item but don't necessarily know yet if you want to own it but you also don't want to let it get away so you keep the tags on for a possible return or to sell on the exchange.

TTS or Size up: Lululemon sizes are all over the map at times. Some items I've sized down from my usual 8 all the way down to a 4. Sometimes it's just your preference on how things fit and sometimes the sizing is truly off. Best to read reviews before making online purchases.

GEC: Lululemon's Guest Education Centre...or Customer Service. They prefer to remind us that we are guests. The number to call is 1-877-263-9300. You can call them when your having trouble finding your much coveted item in your local stores or on the website.

Lulu Angels: Sometimes your in a location that lulu does not ship to, or you would like an item from the Lulu Lab (see bellow) or the Factory Outlet. In this case there are some lovely ladies who will shop for you. Check out my link on the home page for Nancy, Your Personal Lulu Shopper.

Lulu Lab: A concept store located in Vancouver (and coming to Toronto soon) that makes small batches of specialty items to test out on the locals. Check out the Facebook Album.

The Exchange: A Facebook group dedicated to trading and buying/selling of Lululemon items. Perhaps you went a little crazy and now need to recoup, or your on the search for a bygone item that you regret not purchasing. This is not a group for capitalists but a group dedicated at helping each other out. Sometimes people have items that are sold out and they plan on returning to stores within the two week return period but they offer it up on the exchange page first just in case someone is jonesing for that special item.  If your wanting to make a profit on your items please post to ebay instead. I have a link for this page on homepage at the upper right hand side under 'welcome to my blog'

CRB: Cool Racerback Tank made of Luon light. Very basic shaped tank that comes in every color of the rainbow and is perfect for layering.

Lemon-aid: The type of Kool-aid we all drink that turned us into addicts.

WWA: Abbreviation for the Wear With All hoodie. A lululemon hoodie that is longer in length so that you can wear it with leggings and it covers your bum.

Manifesto: The manifesto that defines the Lululemon culture. Go here to check it out.

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