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Friday, June 5, 2015

Floral Sport White Wunder Under Crops, Heathered Net Pop Inspire Crops, Grapefruit Run Times Shorts, New Swiftly Colors and More

Grapefruit Run Times Short and Pistachio Swiftly Tech;USwomen;bottoms;shorts;USwomen;bottoms;shorts;USwomen;bottoms;shorts;USwomen;bottoms;shorts

A few images of these Wunder Under Crops have popped up and they look more blue than grey. I wonder if they are heathered blue denim.



  1. I think those are the new wunder unders I just bought this week - roll downs with color code HNBL. They say they are Luon but they are softer and lighter than regular Luon.

    1. HNBL = Heathered Naval Blue?

      For the record I bought them thinking they were grey :) They do have a blue/purple undertone though.

  2. We've got heathered blue denim regular WUC in store and on Aus website at the moment.

  3. I just bought the blue wunder under crop II in Edmonton today .. Code on mine is HBED .. Love them !! Colour is a blue with white not a solid colour ..

  4. The Wee Space Silver Spoon Define is so pretty. I really hope this one makes it to the Canadian site soon.


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