Thursday, December 29, 2011

Run: Stay On Course Tights in We Made Too Much in Record Time

Seriously! What is wrong with these tights (other than being light pink) that they've hit loot within 4 days of hitting stores? I would assume that the designers intended the tights to be light pink and knew that they would be a hard sell for most of us so I don't think it has to do with lower sales. Not within 4 days. If you decide to purchase these at the sale price be aware that all sales are final.

Thanks to Tara for sharing this picture. The ladies on the forum Lulu This Just In that have tried these on  say that the pants are quite see thru, especially in the underwear region. Also, you get pretty muddy and dirty while running, especially on your lower legs, so these pants would get really dirty very fast. I'm just really scratching my head at the designers on these ones or whoever let these go into mass production. colored luxtreme bottoms = good. Light pink though? not so good. Why not make these in Pigment Blue or even Paris Pink?  The first time I was posting pictures of these pants my husband was walking by and did a double take thinking the model was nude. 


  1. lulumum, is there a way to join the Luminous This Just In group on Facebook? I've tried, my request has been sent, but nothing...I requested to join a couple weeks ago. Is it closed to new people? I'm having the same issue with the exchange group too. Not good for trying to feed my addiction!! :)

  2. They were supposed to be gray with a pink accent instead of the opposite. That's why they're marked down.